Things to consider when moving into a property with a heat network

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If you are thinking about moving into a property with a heat network, we think that’s great!

We also hope it’s a property where mySycous provide administration and management services… as we would love to make sure you have an amazing customer experience.

Either way there is some information you should be aware of, or ask about, prior to purchasing or renting a property connected to a heat network.

Things to know:

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  • You will not have a gas or electric boiler in your home.
  • You will likely have a heat interface unit (HIU) which controls your supply.
  • Your heat and/or hot water usage will be measured by a heat meter and potentially a hot water meter.
  • A heat network means your home and others are connected to a single source of heating, which may supply only your building or multiple buildings.
  • You will have a single supplier and will not normally be able to disconnect or switch suppliers.
  • You will normally have to pay towards the operation of the system, even if you chose not to use it as the system is available to you.

Things to ask:

Questions to ask
  • Who is the utilities supplier?
  • What utilities are supplied and how are they metered?
  • What are the current tariffs and how are they set?
  • What costs are included in the tariff? For example, future replacement costs of the main energy centre may be in the tariff or service charge. This helps with cost comparisons!
  • What are you responsible for maintaining?
  • What response times or other service level agreements are offered for maintenance faults?
  • How do you pay, is it a PAYG or credit billing system?
  • Is the network part of the Heat Trust? If not, what service guarantees are offered?

It is up to you to satisfy yourself that you are comfortable with the installed system alongside the commercial and service offering. These offerings and other standards are normally contained in either your lease or a separate energy supply agreement.

We strongly recommend that you engage openly with the estate agent, surveyor, sales team or the utility supplier ensuring you fully understand the system operation to avoid any future misunderstandings!

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