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About Us

At Sycous, we take customer service seriously. We promise to always;

  • Be honest

    We believe that the key to excellent service is transparency. We will always make sure you are kept informed and do our best to ensure that you have the same information we do at your fingertips.

  • Be authentic

    We are committed to being reliable and trustworthy in order to build authentic relationships with you, our customers.

  • Be exceptional

    We will deliver expert advice and the highest standard of service throughout your journey with us.

  • Put you first

    We promise to listen, understand and meet your expectations. We ensure that any information we collect or hold about you is kept safe, and in compliance with data protection laws. We will always treat you with respect.


Our team

We believe in a sustainable future with transparent and accessible data at the heart of it. We champion both innovation and education, to help drive positive change in the world of metering and billing.

  • Phone
    Ground-breaking software that works alongside your current processes, not against them
  • About Us
    World class research to power world class technology.
  • Time
    Access to data that empowers consumers, operators, researchers and products. To meter is to know.

We’re a team that is passionate about sustainability and utilities. We see people at the heart of what we do. Our team, our Client, our Clients Team and ultimately you as a consumer.

Charlotte 2 Charlotte Axe
Support Manager

Charlotte is responsible for our support teams and the delivering of our values to consumers, she does so with infinite passion and empathy.

Charlotte doesn’t just hide away in an office, she actively gets involved in community events and meetings, interacting with consumers that have our systems installed and always looking to improve what we do.

Got a question or feedback for Charlotte? Please also feel free to Get In Touch.

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    Want to make a complaint?

    We’re sorry to hear that. We recognise that we do make mistake and we want to do everything we can to sort it out. Please click here to view our complaints procedure.

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    Our Privacy Policy

    mySycous is apart of Sycous Limited’s products and services. To view the Sycous Limited privacy policy please Click Here.

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    Our Refund Policy

    mySycous can complete refunds where we hold sufficient funds on behalf of your utility supplier. To view the mySycous refund policy please Click Here.

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