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Managing your account

  • How can I manage my account online?

    We want you to be able to manage your account in a way that suits you.

    The easiest and most environmentally friendly way to manage your account is Online and you can register for an Online Account using a valid email address and information from any of the correspondence we’ve sent you.

    You can now sign in or register using Google Social Sign On. This can be done by visiting the log in page and clicking Continue with Google. This will then take you to a link to sign in with Google and give permissions to use relevant information from Google to create your account. Using this method can make future sign ins quicker so you don't need to re-enter information whenever you log in.

    We won’t force or penalise you if you don’t manage your account online and if you prefer you can continue to receive all correspondence by post.

    Whatever way you choose to manage your account, our team will be here to support you by chat, phone, email or letter.

    For more information on managing your account check out our FAQ’s below, or Get in Touch with our team.

  • Who is mySycous and what do we do?

    We have been appointed by your utility supplier to provide a meter management and consumer charging solution for one or more utilities. Your utility supplier is likely to be the building owner, a managing agent or housing provider.

    mysycous resident

    We will be responsible for managing your PAYG meter or raising statements based on your usage. We collect monies and undertake credit control activities, transferring all funds to your utility provider on a monthly basis. We will handle your account and queries, responding as effectively as possible, as well as working with your utility provider.

    We may maintain some or all of your utilities system but all maintenance issues should be notified to your maintenance provider, building managing agent or housing provider in the first instance.

    We are not responsible for the setting of tariffs or charges.

    We are committed to providing excellent levels of support to you and to be transparent in all our actions. You can find more details on our Customer Service Pledge, as well as details on our Complaints Procedure in the event that your expectations are not met.

    If you require any further information, please Get in Touch with our support team or check out our other frequently asked questions.

  • What is welcome credit?

    Some utility suppliers may provide an amount of welcome credit, normally when you are supplied through a PAYG meter and pay for your utilities in advance. This is normally non-repayable and allows you to have utility supplies when you first move in or a system is installed, giving you time to understand the system and pay in advance for your future energy

    If you haven't received your welcome credit, or are struggling to understand the system, please check out the user guides in our Help and Support section or Get in Touch with our team.

  • What is a friendly credit period?

    A friendly credit period applies to PAYG meters, where you pay in advance for your utilities.

    Friendly credit means that your system does not disconnect during certain times, such as overnight, weekends and bank holidays when topping-up might be more difficult or when things don't go to plan and you may not have access to all the support you need to put them right.

    Friendly credit is only available when your system disconnects during these certain times, if the system is already disconnected it will not reconnect.

    You will need to repay all debt accrued and top-up to £1 credit before you will be able to access your utilities again. If you need more information, just Get in Touch.

  • What is emergency credit?

    Emergency credit applies to a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) meter, where you pay in advance for your utilities.

    This means that you can choose to activate a level of additional emergency credit, or debt that is repayable when you next top up.

    You should follow the user-guide in our Help and Support section for information on how to activate your emergency credit.

    Your emergency credit limit will be set by your utility supplier which is likely to be the building owner, a managing agent or housing provider. You can see how much emergency credit you have available or remaining on your PAYG meter. This amount is designed to get you through to the next working day when you can top-up again.

    After using your emergency credit, you will need to repay all debt accrued and top-up to £1 credit before you will be able to access your utilities again. If you need more information, please feel free to Get in Touch.

  • What is a debt recovery rate?

    If you build-up a level of debt that you are unable to repay, for example when paying in arrears for your utilities when you are moved to PAYG, we will recover this debt as a percentage of your future top-ups. We do this as a debt recovery.

    The debt recovery rate is normally 10% but may be higher or lower depending on the time it will take to repay the debt and will normally be agreed with you.

    If this recovery rate is set at 10% and you top-up £10, you will receive £9 as top-up and £1 will go towards your debt.

    You can see the amount of debt remaining through your in-home display unit, if on PAYG, or your latest statement. If you need more information or need to know your current accrued level of debt, please Get in Touch.

  • How can I check my energy consumption or usage?
  • How can I update my tenancy details?

    If you have just moved into a property, or your tenancy has changed, we can help set-up your account and ensure you are charged accurately for the utilities you use. Just complete a few details on our Online Form and we'll confirm when your account has been set up, or if we need any more information.

    If you are connected to a heat network or other private utility network for one or more of your utility supplies; your utility supplier is likely to be the building owner, a managing agent or housing provider. mySycous are appointed by your utility supplier to provide administration services. You can find out more about mySycous and what we do on our About Us page.

    If you have recently moved into your home you might also be thinking about tariffs, switching and how that works on a heat network or private utility network. You can find out 'What is a Tariff?' in our Help and Support pages.

    You can also check out our downloads section for a range of useful user manuals and reading your meter, PAYG meter and other useful information.

    If you have any other questions, please just Get in Touch with our team and we'll be happy to help.

  • How can I add a name onto an account?

    We are only able to add a person onto an account who is legally liable to make payment for the utilities supply. If only one person is named on the lease, completion information or rental agreement we are only able to have this one person on your utilities account.

    If you need to add an additional person, please Get in Touch with our team and we'll update this for you. We may need to ask for evidence to confirm the name on the account, but this can normally be confirmed by us contacting the utility supplier, who may also be your managing agent, building owner or housing provider.

    If you only want to add a name onto the account to be able to speak on your behalf but not change the account details that is not a problem, just Get in Touch with our team and we can update following a security check.

  • Where do I find the user or instruction manual for my meter or PAYG meter?

    You can download the latest user guide for reading your meter or PAYG meter from our Help and Support downloads section. If you require Operation and Maintenance information or other technical literature, please Get in Touch with our team.

    As we did not necessarily install your appliances and other utility controls, we may not be aware of the correct user manual required. If you require a manual for any part of the infrastructure in your property, such as a heat programmer, we recommend you check with your landlord, concierge or caretaker who will advise of the correct user guide.

    To learn more watch our ‘How does a Heat Meter work?' video below:

  • Can I switch between PAYG and paying in arrears by a bill or statement?

    If you would like to move to a PAYG meter, or switch to receive a monthly statement this would need to be agreed by your utility supplier.

    Your utility supplier is likely to be the building owner, a managing agent or housing provider. mySycous are appointed by your utility supplier to provide administration services. You can find out more about mySycous and what we do on our About Us page.

    We are able to contact your utility supplier on your behalf, just Get in Touch. If we can't help, we're happy to put you in touch with the right person at your utility supplier.

  • I’ve lost or damaged my payment card, what do I need to do?

    Don’t worry! If you have a mySycous online account, you will be able to find your account barcode by visiting the Payments tab on the app. Here you will be able to select ‘View your barcode’. If you do not currently have a mySycous online account set up check out, How can I set up my online account? to get started today.

    Of course, our support team can always advise you of your payment card number and provide a free printable barcode by email, just Get in Touch and we'll arrange this for you. Your payment card number and printed payment barcode are also normally included on any other correspondence you may have received from us.

    Alternatively, we can arrange for a replacement payment card, which may incur a £6.00 charge, just Get in Touch. This charge will be deducted from your next top-up or added to your statement.

    If you need to make a payment in the meantime, you can find ways to top-up if you have PAYG meter or find ways to top up if you have recieved a bill from us in our Help & Support pages.

  • I’ve recently topped up, why doesn’t my PAYG meter show a positive balance?

    If the balance on our PAYG meter was negative, which may be down to use of emergency credit, friendly credit or fixed charges you will need to make a payment greater than this negative balance and top-up so your balance is £1 before your utilities will be reconnected.

    If you have any further questions, please Get in Touch.

  • Can I request my statement or bills are sent to another address?

    Yes, you can send your statement to another address. The account will need to remain in the name of the responsible account holder.

    If you request your statements and other correspondence to be sent to a non-UK address this may incur an additional monthly charge but there is no charge when you Register for an online account.

    If you would like to update your address, please Get in Touch with our team and we can update this following a security check

  • How can I make a complaint or provide feedback?

    We welcome any feedback on the services we provide, and we want to proactively resolve any issue that may occur, please Get in Touch.

    We also know we can make mistakes and when we do we want to put things right, please check out our Complaints Procedure if you wish to register a formal complaint.

    We will notify your utility supplier of all feedback and complaints. If your complaint relates to an element of the service we do not control, such as the cost or tariff, we will formally advise you of this and pass your complaint to your utility supplier and provide a named contact at the utility supplier for any further follow-up.

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