Want to make a complaint?

We’re sorry to hear that. We recognise that we do make mistakes and we want to do everything we can to sort it out.

You can make a complaint by Getting in Touch with our team, who will manage your complaint in line with our process detailed below.

Complaint Process

  1. We receive your complaint by email, telephone or letter and we acknowledge and seek to resolve this as soon as possible – if not on the call itself.
  2. If we can’t, we will acknowledge your complaint within two working days and advise how long we expect it to take to respond, which can be no longer than 15 working days.
  3. We will investigate your complaint and keep you updated throughout, we also might need to clarify or provide additional information.
  4. Once we’ve investigated, we will provide you with an explanation of what went wrong, fix the problem and apologise, as well as arranging any appropriate follow-up action.
  5. If you are not happy with our response you can ask for our Support Manager to review your complaint and we will do so within 10 working days. We’ll also make sure we keep you updated and provide the opportunity to speak to our Support Manager.
  6. We will then provide you with information on our final position, where you then have the option to refer your complaint to your utility supplier to undertake a further review.

You can also contact organisations such as Citizens Advice to get free, independent and impartial advice. You can visit their website or contact them on 03454 040506. It’s important to remember that you are connected to a heat network or other private utility network and you can find more information about this, why you might not be able to switch your heat network supplier and information on regulation, to learn more please visit Help and Support.

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